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Care and Use

The care and use of our hot towel cabinets is true for all towel warmers.  It's important to keep your towel cabbie clean and well maintained.  This is important for sanitation purposes and also keeping your towel warmer working at peak performance for many years.

Some of our towel warmer come with UV for sterilization purposes, but even these should be cleaned out every day.  Please follow the daily operating procedure below.

1 - empty the towel warmer of unused towels at the end of the day

2 - wipe down the inside of the towel warmer with a clean dry cloth

3 - empty the drip tray of any condensation or water run off

4 - leave the door open to allow air to circulate and prevent mold or mildew from forming

follow the instructions below for optimal performance and safety

  • place the towel cabinet on a clean and level surface
  • do not place items on top of the towel warmer as the surface does get hot
  • do not wet the towels too much.  wet them and ring out excess water
  • do not use essential oils in the water as it may stain or damage the cabbie
  • do not set up the towel warmer outside or exposed to elements
  • please your towel warmer in an area with enough air circulation
  • make sure to properly vent any cabinet and allow several inches of clearance around the warmer